Digital Marketing


Where to Start ? The Confusion.

So finally you have taken that plunge. You gave in to your passion to do what you were meant to do and to be your own boss. You have an idea or a product and you know who is your target audience. Or do you ? Do you really know who your customer will be ? You have laid out everything on the drawing board. You have a business plan, you have worked out the suppliers, the expenses, the tools and may be some of your friends and family members as your first loyal customer. Now you probably are thinking how do I go beyond referral sales. How do you get your future customers find you amongst 100s of other businesses. You are probably thinking should I use flyer drops or should I spend money on Google adwords or stick to mass mail marketing solution.

Bringing Your Brand to Life.

Most business owners think lead generation strategy comprises of SEO or paid ads. However it's more than just digital Marketing. It's about brand presence. Telling you brand story. Bringing your brand alive.

The key to success is to develop a consistent digital brand strategy. The most important step in your brand strategy journey is 'Brand Awareness.' How well you write a story for your brand will determine how well your customers will connect with your brand. Web development, SEO, Paid Digital Ads, Third party referral links, coupons etc come all together  to form a much bigger brand strategy.

Branding in the digital age is challenging. Entrepreneurship is a growing trend across the globe, the competition across nearly every industry is becoming more fierce by the minute. For this reason, developing an identity and a plan to reach your audience has never been more important than it is today. A business owner might have paid one company to build a website, they’ve got an employee running their social media in-house, a 3rd party doing their SEO, and one of the owner’s cousins doing PPC. There’s so much lost in translation and even if a business tries it’s best to get all the parts to work for a common goal, it’s often very difficult to maintain a centralized brand and marketing strategy.